Box trees

Buis, 100x81 cm.
Les grands buis à la trouée blanche, 100×81 cm.

His numerous stays in his house in Sauliac sur Célé in the region of Quercy inspired him for 2 series of paintings: interiors paintings Le lit de Mathilde (Mathilda’s bed), l’Âtre (the fire place) and landscape paintings, he paints his garden; box edges inspired him to do a variation on the theme of Buis à l’arbre mort (Box trees with a dead tree) – 1991. In this last period the figurative aspect is reduced to the minimum, announcing almost a return towards abstraction.

Dessin Buis
Les Buis au chemin,1990, 57x38 cm.
Les Buis au chemin, 57×38 cm.
Dessin préparatoire Buis
Dessin préparatoire des Buis au chemin.
Les buis à la grange, 1990, 55x46 cm.
Les buis à la grange, 55×46 cm.
Les buis à l'arbre mort, 1990, 46x38 cm.
Box trees with a dead tree, 46×38 cm.
Les buis blancs, 1990, 61x46 cm.
Les buis blancs, 61×46 cm.
Les buis blancs, 1990, 65x54 cm.
Les buis blancs, 65×54 cm.