The Nudes

Embrace, 1969, 89x146 cm.
Embrace, 1969, 89×146 cm.

With the Nudes there is a recurrent theme taken at each period of his life.
The first Nudes are abstact, then comes the Couples more suggestive but still very dreamlike. It could be said that in the 90s, the Nudes denude themselves. The body of women is exposed with a concealed face.

Nus 30 - Big embrace
Big embrace.
Nus 31 - Large Couple I
Large Couple I, 1980, 220×220 cm.
Couple I, 1981, 100x100 cm.
Couple I, 1981, 100×100 cm.
Couple II, 1981, 100x100 cm.
Couple II, 1981, 100×100 cm.
Drawing couple
Drawing couple
Drawing couple
Drawing Nudes
Drawing Nudes
Final Modesty), 1987, 105x130 cm.
Final Modesty, 1987, 105×130 cm.