Georges Guinot in front of the tapestry Barral,in the Continental Bank in London 1978.
Georges Guinot in front of the tapestry Barral, (300×500 cm) in the Continental Bank in London, 1978.

He painted the cartoons for a series of eight large tapestries woven by the Plasse Le Caisne (1970-1978) for him workshop.
Two of them were purchased by the Continental bank of Illinois in Brussells and London.
A third one was bought by the “Mobilier National” in Paris:Comma a la Nobre, (300cmx300cm).

Tapistry, Nudes.
Estrencha II, 200×300 cm, Arnaud Amos collection.
Tapistry Pichona I, 180x150 cm
Pichona I, 180×150 cm, Jacqueline Guinot collection.
Tapistry Pichona II 180x150 cm.
Pichona II, 180×150 cm, Plasse Le Caisne collection.
Tapisserie, détail 1
Tapisserie, détail 2.

List of Tapestries :

  • Fotre (300×300 cm), private collection,
  • Comma a la Nobre (300×300 cm), Mobilier national (state owned furniture),
  • Estrencha I (300×400 cm), Continental Bank Brussels,
  • Barral (300×500 cm), Continental Bank London,
  • Pichona I et II (180×150 cm), private collection,
  • Estrencha II (200×300 cm), private collection.