The “Grand Canal” by night, 1991, 89×116 cm.
Venise, café Florian, 106x78 cm.
Nom, taille.

Venice was one of Georges Guinot’s favorite themes. Between 1984 and 1992 he would go there several times always in the winter. From his sketches he produced the large series of 60 canvases organised in 5 outlook of the city:

  • The Old cafe of the St Marc square called Café Florian,
  • the gondolas parked and chained to one another
  • the Traghetti the large gondolas with 2 rowers who provide a service across the Grand canal
  • Venice by night when the only light comes from the illuminated palaces,
  • and the Funerals.
Preparatory drawings for Traghetton
Preparatory drawings for Traghetton


Two rowers at the mooring,1989, 53x70 cmThe lady passenger with a basket, 1987, 90x110 cm.The four rowers, 1989, 90x146 cm.The five passengers, 1991, 50x59 cm.Two rowers docking, 64x55 cm.Small crossing of the "Grand Canal", 1992, 81x65 cm.The couple and the woman with child, 1987, 106x140 cm.The two rowers,1991, 69x46 cm.


Eight gondolas with red armchairs,1985,45x65cm.Two moored gondolas at night, 1991, 85x106cm.The gondolas with two red and whites posts, 1988, 60x92 cm.The gondolas parking, 1989, 54x70 cm.The seven gondolas docked to the "Pali" (stake), 1985, 47x81 cm.Gondolas docked to the "Pali" (stake), 1991, 54X81 cm.A moored gondola, 1988, 46x85 cm.Two gondolas, 1985, 60x79 cm.

Venice by night

Gondolas with the lagoon as backdrop, 1991, 49x59 cm.The lagoon at dusk, 1991,90x146 cm.Nocturne, three gondolas, 1991, 46x55 cm.Mist on the lagoon, 1991, 60x90 cm.Moored gondolas at night, 1991, 73x116 cm.Alignment of gondolas in front of the pink pavement, 1991, 60x80 cm.


The hearse disappears under the bridge, 1984,181x130 cm.The family of the deceased stays on the quay, 1984, 146x113 cm.The hearse in front of the "Scuola San Marco", 1984, 146x113 cm.The priest, 1984, 146x113 cm.The family surrounds the catafalque, 1984, 140x113 cm.