The Gallinacean

Deux coqs, 49x127 cm.
Two cocks, 49×127 cm.

The “department” (county) of Gers has many fairs , in particular the Eauze fair, they all have inspired about forty paintings on the themes of the large roosters with tied up feet “faits aux pattes” with a fierce look and a terrible impassivity.

Dessin coq
Dessin coq couleur

A poor rooster with his tied up feet appeared in one of my frame. What a lesson of humility! First rooster.

diary of the 24th March 1988

The grey rooster, 100x81 cm.
The grey rooster, 100×81 cm.
The rooster with the red crest, 72x60 cm.
The rooster with the red crest, 72×60 cm.
The two white cocks, 113x146 cm.
The two white cocks, 113×146 cm.
Two cocks, 50x76 cm.
Two cocks, 50×76 cm.
Tall rooster, 109x146 cm.
Tall rooster, 109×146 cm.
The black cock, 80x130 cm.
The black cock, 80×130 cm.
Preparatory drawings, cock
Drawings, poultry
Drawings, poultry
The three poultry, 132x93 cm.
The three poultry, 132×93 cm.
The two poultry, 134x100 cm.
The two poultry, 134×100 cm.